The Hats&Horses club is born from a passion for good taste, the value of culture, sport and good living.

The criterion for applying to be a member is to be extraordinarily interesting and extraordinarily interested.

International in nature, the Hats&Horses Club is a meeting point for outdoor sports fans wanting to participate in different actions all year round, which bring novelty and dynamism to the islands of Menorca and Mallorca.

A club to partner with to have a good time, for sport, to enjoy music, to laugh, to eat and to drink and, of course, to spend time on culture and solidarity actions.

A club where you can leave titles, professions, and egos at the door to give way to simplicity, elegance and honesty, gathered together, for at least a few hours, to enjoy a better, more fun and perfect world

The club was born with a single annual fee to join.

Types of partners


at no cost this 1st year


50 euros for this year of release



  • Special rates in Menorca hotels
  • Special rates in hotels in Mallorca
  • Special rates in Menorcan restaurants
  • Special rates in restaurants in Mallorca
  • Discounts and Special Promotions in Menorca Stores
  • Discounts and Special Promotions in Mallorcan stores
  • Discounts and Special Promotions in Luxury Federation Stores of Spain
  • Special rates on hat brands
  • Special rates at Spas
  • Private visits in vineyardsVisitas privadas en bodegas
  • Private visits in cheese shopsVisitas privadas en queserías
  • Private visits in shoe factoriesVisitas privadas en fabricas de calzado
  • Special rates at Golf Clubs
  • Special rates on water activities
  • Special rates on motor activities
  • Special rates on air activities
  • Special discount general entrance Hats&Horses
  • Special discount entrance village Hats&Horses













We would love to invite you to experience the H&H Club as exclusive members.


The origin of the club is born from the annual events held in Menorca and Mallorca in which the codes of etiquette, good taste and fun of the best contemporary English events are recovered along with the passion for the equestrian world and other outdoor sports that inspire the best moments of our calendar.


H&H offers privileges to its partners in Menorca, Mallorca, Madrid and Barcelona, expanding its range shortly.


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AUGUST 16, 2020


OCTOBER 10, 2020



+34 673916214



103 Vanbrugh ParkLondon SE3 7AL, UK